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Package repositories


The distribution feed includes the following channels:

  • dev channel: this channel is intended for unstable and development releases.
  • stable channel: this channel is for stable releases.
  • subscription channel: this channel is reserved for stable releases that have undergone additional testing. Access to this channel is restricted to machines with a valid subscription.


Official package repositories are hosted at

Each release in the distribution feed is associated with two repositories:

  1. Fixed Repository:
    • Contains packages and images from the build.
    • This repository remains unchanged and is not used by the running images.
  2. Rolling Repository:
    • Used by the running images.
    • Contains all updates compatible within the same major OpenWRT release.


Here are some examples of releases and their corresponding repositories:

  1. Dev example: 23.05.2-ns.0.0.1-217-g8786a2b
    • Fixed repository:
    • Rolling repository:
  2. Stable example: 23.05.2-ns.0.0.1
    • Fixed repository:
    • Rolling repository:
  3. Unstable example: 23.05.2-ns.0.0.1-alpha1
    • Fixed repository:
    • Rolling repository:

Change repository channel

The distfeed-setup script simplifies the automatic setup of the repository channel, tailored to the version of the running image.

Execute the script without any additional arguments to automatically configure the repository channel based on the version of the running image. The script is automatically executed when a subscription is enabled or disabled.

Customization options

The behavior of the distfeed-setup script can be customized using the following environment variables:

  • BASE_URL: set the base URL for repositories. If not specified, the default value is taken from .
  • CHANNEL: define the desired channel for the repository. Possible values include stable, dev, and subscription. By default, the script attempts to extract this information from the /etc/os-release file.
  • OWRT_VERSION: specify the OpenWrt version used inside the rolling repository URL. The script typically extracts this information from the /etc/os-release file.

Custom configuration example:

BASE_URL="" CHANNEL="dev" OWRT_VERSION="21.02.3" distfeed-setup

Upstream OpenWrt repositories

You can add custom feeds by changing the /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf file.

To enable OpenWrt package repositories use the following commands

source /etc/os-release
VERSION=$(echo $VERSION | cut -d- -f2)
cat << EOF > /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf 
src/gz core$VERSION/targets/x86/64/packages
src/gz base$VERSION/packages/x86_64/base
src/gz luci$VERSION/packages/x86_64/luci
src/gz packages$VERSION/packages/x86_64/packages
src/gz routing$VERSION/packages/x86_64/routing