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This is the client part of Icaro hotspot.


Available options:

  • disabled: Enable/disable dedalo service (default true)
  • network: network for clients connected to Dedalo eg:
  • splash_page: Wings (capitve portal) URL hosted on your Icaro installation, eg:
  • aaa_url: Wax (Radius over HTTP) URL hosted on your Icaro installation, eg:
  • api_url: Sun APIs URL hosted on your Icaro installation, eg:
  • hotspot_id: the id of the Hotspot already present inside Icaro
  • unit_name: hostname of local installation, eg:
  • unit_description: a descriptive name of local installation, eg: MyHotelAtTheSea
  • unit_uuid: a unique unit idenifier, usually a UUID, eg 161fre6d-8578-4247-b4a2-c40dced94bdd
  • secret: a shared secret between this unit and Icaro installation, eg: My$uperS3cret


Use the APIs to configure dedalo and the firewall:

echo '{"network":"","hotspot_id":"1787","unit_name":"NethSec","unit_description":"t1","interface":"eth3","dhcp_limit":"253"}'\
  | /usr/libexec/rpcd/ns.dedalo call set-configuration

The hotspot_id van be found inside the Icaro portal. The interface should be a free physical interface (eth3 in this example).


To disable dedalo and unregister the unit from Icaro server, execute:

unregister_dedalo <your reseller username> <your reseller password>


  • Dedalo requires coova-chilli built-in with curl support otherwise chilly_proxy will hang