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This is a fork of the official OpenWrt nginx package. It adds the location reverse proxy, which is not available in the official package.

The reverse proxy supports the following rules:

  • path based: matches the given path when requested to the default virtual host (_lan)
  • host based: matches the given host name


This package introduces a new object of type location inside UCI config /etc/config/nginx.

The location object can contain any nginx directive, plus the following special options:

  • location: URI of the location, it accepts nginx syntax
  • uci_server: it binds the location to a server object with the same name; if set to _lan, the location will be added inside the default virtual host
  • uci_description: (optional) description of the rule, it’s converted to a comment inside the configuration file
  • allow: (optional) an array of allowed IP addresses; if present, all other addresses will be automatically denied

If a directive can be used multiple times, it’s represented as a UCI list.

The nginx-proxy utility reads all the location objects from UCI config and creates the nginx configuration inside /etc/nginx/conf.d/<server>.proxy files, like /etc/nginx/conf.d/_lan.proxy. Then, the generated files must be explicitly added to the include option of the server object.

When the proxy_pass option points to a hostname, the hostname must be resolvable during nginx startup, otherwise nginx will fail. To make sure the target server is always resolvable, use the following hack:

option resolver ''
option set '$upstream'
option proxy_pass 'https://$upstream'

Path rules

Example of a path rule for the default virtual host:

config location 'ns_location1'
	option uci_server '_lan'
	option proxy_pass ''
	option uci_description 'Reverse proxy with path'
	option proxy_ssl_verify 'off'
	option location '/test'

To enable the rule:

uci add_list nginx._lan.include='conf.d/_lan.proxy'
uci commit nginx
/etc/init.d/nginx restart

Example of a path rule for a WebSocket inside the ns_server2 virtual host:

config location 'ns_server2_location1'
	option uci_server 'ns_server2'
	option location '/ws'
	option proxy_pass ''
	option proxy_http_version '1.1'
	list proxy_set_header 'Upgrade $http_upgrade'
	list proxy_set_header 'Connection "Upgrade"'

To enable the rule:

uci add_list nginx.ns_server2.include='conf.d/ns_server2.proxy'
uci commit nginx
/etc/init.d/nginx restart

Host rules

Host rules use host configuration from official OpenWrt documentation for nginx. Each host must include it’s .proxy configuration file containing the locations.

Example for host

config location 'ns_server1_location2'
	option uci_server 'ns_server1'
	option location '/'
	option proxy_pass ''

config server 'ns_server1'
	option ssl_certificate '/etc/nginx/conf.d/ns_server1.crt'
	option ssl_certificate_key '/etc/nginx/conf.d/ns_server1.key'
	option uci_description 'Proxy pass host'
	option ssl_session_timeout '64m'
	option ssl_session_cache 'shared:SSL:32k'
	option proxy_ssl_verify 'on'
	option server_name ''
	list proxy_set_header 'Host $http_host'
	list listen '443 ssl'
	list listen '[::]:443 ssl'
	list allow ''
    list include 'conf.d/ns_server1.proxy'

To enable the rule:

/etc/init.d/nginx restart